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How Ocean Plastic is Used in Products

Like any project, it all begins with the planning. That’s why at OceansMade we’re obsessed with the details and we focus on the outcome.

Once ocean plastic has been converted and processed back into its original state, it again becomes a versatile resource. Once collected, ocean plastic is transformed back into a pellet, flake, or fiber. How it is used in a product is specified by the performance requirements of the product. Pellets are perfect for injection and blow-molded goods. Fiber can be turned into fabric, apparel and even zippers. Flaked material is perfect for producing cording and lacing. OceansMade strives for brand partners to substitute OceansMade material in replacement of virgin plastic material whenever possible. Sometimes this requires re-engineering an entire process from how it had been done previously. Thanks to increased awareness of environmental issues, especially pertaining to our oceans, brands are beginning to convert their demand of virgin plastic for ocean plastic.

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